July 1, 2018

The MTConnect Institute has been accepted as an accredited standards developer under ANSI. To better align MTConnect procedures with ANSI, the Technical Advisory Group has been re-established as the "Standards Committee."

Any company interested in membership in the Standards Committee must opt-in via the online application form. This includes TAG members!

TAG members that do not opt-in to the Standards Committee will retain their MTConnect Institute membership and may join the Standards Committee at any time.

There is no fee to become a member or to access the MTConnect standard. See the Full Roster of companies already participating.

Members of the MTConnect Institute:

  • May advertise MTConnect compliant device(s).
  • Will have their company name listed on and in MTConnect marketing and promotional materials.
  • May join the Standards Committee (SC).


Institute Members who join the SC:

  • Contribute to development of the standard.
  • Sit on working groups.
  • Access and review pre-release drafts of the standard.
  • Must designate a delegate to serve primary point of contact and voting member.
  • Must cast a ballot to vote on proposed changes to the standard.
  • Must sign and comply with the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY POLICY.