Join the MTConnect Institute

July 1, 2018

The MTConnect Institute has been accepted as an accredited standards developer under ANSI. To better align MTConnect procedures with ANSI, the Technical Advisory Group has been re-established as the "Standards Committee."

Any company interested in membership in the Standards Committee must opt-in via the online application form below. This includes TAG members!

TAG members that do not opt-in to the Standards Committee will retain their MTConnect Institute membership and may join the Standards Committee at any time.

There is no fee to become a member or to access the MTConnect standard. See the Full Roster of companies already participating.

All MTConnect Institute Members:

  • May advertise MTConnect compliant device(s).

  • Will have their company name listed on and in MTConnect marketing and promotional materials.

  • May join the Standards Committee.

In addition, Institute Members who join the Standards Committee:

  • Contribute to development of the standard.

  • Sit on working groups.

  • Access and review pre-release drafts of the standard.

  • Must designate a delegate to serve primary point of contact and voting member.

  • Must cast a ballot to vote on proposed changes to the standard.

  • Must sign and comply with the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY POLICY.

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By clicking "Agree and Sign," you acknowledge that you agree on behalf of the company listed above, or on your own behalf if not affiliated with a company, to the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY POLICY (if applying as a Standards Committee Member).