Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is responsible for developing and maintaining the MTConnect standard. Consisting of industry, academic, and government stakeholders, the TAG advises on proposed enhancements to the standard, initiates and oversees working groups, and furthers the standard in specific technology areas with new features and capabilities.

See the TAG member rights and responsibilities at

Membership is free but required to participate; submit an application at

Meetings are held quarterly via web or in person.

Meetings are open to MTConnect TAG members only (see Full Roster of current members). To attend meetings and participate in MTConnect standard development activities, join the institute as a TAG member.

Content from past meetings is available to TAG members on the MTConnect projects website(login required).

See upcoming TAG meetings here:

Working groups take ideas from conception to initial drafts and data models for inclusion in the MTConnect standard. The working groups conduct business primarily via web meeting, and each is chaired by a volunteer from the Technical Advisory Group (TAG).  Membership in the TAG is required to participate in working groups.

See a list of working groups or request to join one here:

New versions of the MTConnect standard are approved by a vote by the TAG. Each member company has one vote, cast by the primary point of contact and voting representative. Documents for review are managed via the MTConnect projects website.

Draft standard documents prepared by the TAG and its working groups are subject to 30 and 90 day Intellectual Property reviews as well as 30 day editorial reviews. Each member company must submit one review; approvals with no issues or IP claims are requested but not required.

See details of active or upcoming reviews and votes at