IMTS 2018

The MTConnect Institute is coordinating demonstration and exhibition efforts.

Companies seeking collaborators or partners, email

Student Summit

The MTConnect Institute is sponsoring the 2018 IMTS Student Summit, where students and instructors are exposed to real-world manufacturing technology of today and the future. 

Students will learn the workflow through the entire manufacturing process from Design ⇒ 3DPrinting/Rapid Proto-typing/Additive Manufacturing ⇒ Machining and Tool Monitoring ⇒ Automation and Robotics ⇒ Measurement ⇒ Data Acquisition and Analytics ⇒ Cloud Storage.

Instructors will be invited to attend Learning Lab sessions on digital manufacturing, generative design, additive manufacturing, collaborative robotics, five axis machining, metrology and more.

The MTConnect standard provides a structure for machine controls to communicate with other equipment and devices enabling manufacturers to monitor data to uncover innovative ways to increase productivity. MTConnect-enabled applications will be on display throughout IMTS and in Learning Labs in the student summit.

Emerging Technology Center

AMT’s Emerging Technology Center, ETC, debuted at IMTS 2004  and educates, informs and excites the manufacturing community. The ETC is a “must visit” and is renowned for showcasing state of the art and disruptive technologies that impact the manufacturing industry.